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My Wife Won’t Stop Begging Me to Play With her Tits

I used to love playing with my wife’s breasts. Unfortunately she was not a fan and would shy away in pain when I did. The tips I learned in Breast Mastery have changed that. Now she wants me to play with them all the time!

I am a Boob Guy!

I love boobs, but have never known what to do with them. Breast Mastery has given me the tips and the confidence needed and I must say I’ve been playing with quite the handful now! Last time had a threesome with some old college friends, and they could not get enough of it!

We Had Fun Following Along With the Videos.

My girlfriend and I are a bit, well… Kinky. We watched this porgram together and had such a great time. I loved learning how to f*ck her breasts and even came all over her. We have added breast play to our sex routine, hehe.

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